“Almost all substances are changed by light,
some to a greater extent than others.
Photography is based on this phenomenon.
If a photosensitive substance
is exposed to an image,
the light of varying intensity
that makes up the image
can be registered and made visible.
If unexposed sensitive material
is desensitized or removed
the record becomes permanent.”
(Beaumont Newhall, The Latent Image)
Film, and in particular black-and-white, has become synonymous with artistic creativity.
This is even more evident if we consider the uniqueness of the silver-gelatin print which is created in the darkroom by the expert hands of the printmaker: through the use of paper and chemistry, light, shape, and chiaroscuro, the image acquires a quintessential quality.
Artistic creativity in the darkroom depends greatly on the rigorous work of the craftsman

A good negative is therefore important
to obtain a good print, adopting, for the development of the film,
a manual treatment, which, with the most suitable detector and the most appropriate procedures, guarantee an accurate control of the rendering of the tonal values.
This ensures continuity between
the moment of shooting and the creation of the print. We believe that this work method fully guarantees “fine art printing”.

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Fotomorgana © Salvatore De Donatis | credits Progetto GraficoRovaiWeber design