Today the darkroom and the lab are strictly connected and work in synergy. Here the prints are dried and flattened, spotted, retouched and calibrated.
Prints may be mounted with custom-cut window mats, mounted on panels with double adhesive tape or with a hot press mount for archival preservation according to the most rigorous museum standards.

A selection of aluminum frame mouldings suitable for displaying photographs is available at the Lab. These frames are collapsible, reusable and can be mounted with or without window mats.

Framing is available for quantity or single orders.
The Lab, though closely to the Darkroom, also works for other studios, photographers or individuals.

We would like to draw special attention to the hand-colouring techniques that have been elaborated over the years, using egg albumin colours applied by brush. This process makes each print a “unique copy” and recalls the hand-colouring effects of former years yet tends toward a contemporary and completely non-realistic perspective.

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